Overwhelmingly Fresh!

New shirts FINALLY are on sale here!. Please note the giant new banner announcing a special 30% off sale that'll be kicking off June in an appropriately joyous fashion. Yay for summer!

...Although for us Georgians, summer's going to mean more hazy, smoky days as the state slowly burns from the south up. But that's OK, so long as were sporting these linty tees!

Well, things are progressively picking up here at LF. Designs seem to be going out of stock on a weekly basis, which means that I'm going to need to step it up with new wears! It's strange, but I recently discovered that I'm actually making money on shirts now... Perhaps the status of this little venture has just upgraded from "expensive hobby" to "recreational business". Yeah! progress! go!

Oh yeah, right, so... I updated this blog template. Whaddya think? (Not my own creation. They've got a link under my archives to the left though.)

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New site up

This really has nothing whatsoever to do with Linty Fresh (or even Tshirts), but seeing as I'm the sole author of this blog, I see no reason not to use a little leverage to plug my new website:

Basically it's a social network for artists looking to collaborate on sketchbooks. It's nothing too fancy, but it's a load of fun to be a part of, especially as the book moves on an evolves into something else. This concept is actually somewhat of an evolution in itself, as it springs from a game some friends and I used to play, each taking turns doodling in different sketchbooks and passing them around every few minutes. These days, though, it's tougher and tougher to find time to all hang out together and do this sort of thing, so organizing it online and allotting time for each artist makes sense.

Check it out!


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New shirts on the horizon...

So the new shirts got here Monday but it's going to probably be another day or two before they'll be available for purchase. I'm waiting on a product shot of them from a friend in Hawaii who I mailed a shirt to the day after I got them! Perhaps it's a bit ridiculous to hold up potential sales for something as trivial as a photograph, but look at what happened to the Beethoven shirt! I still have that lame shot instead of a real model photo! I need to get that done...


But since you're here, being loyal to this blog, having waited so long and patiently, I do feel some obligation to let you in on the design!

Oh, and if you've been to the site lately you'll notice it looks a bit different with a new background and, pretty soon, a new banner as well.

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Vectored and colored

Cyclone 1.3 I've been tweaking with the design, adjusting colors and what not. I've got four different colored versions up. This red one is cool, but I think my favorite right now is 1.2. Anyone else getting that Dr. Seuss vibe? It was totally unintentional; I mean, I haven't read a Seuss book in years. But yeah, it's strange how that stuff subconsciously comes out sometimes.

Anyone remember that one with the guy in the yellow jumpsuit with the big moustace, and how he ended up deforesting the entire town. It was a real downer, but probably my favorite. Green Eggs and Ham was good too though.

HongKongBay.jpgOh, and while we're on the subject of art + flickr, I recently uploaded a bunch of watersketches that I did while abroad. Click the pic for more.

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Tyrone the cyclone (probably not)

Last night I decided that I needed to start sketching more often. Since taking art classes almost two years ago I haven't sat down too many times for the sole purpose of drawing. So I did. I ended up coming up with this bizzare cyclone monster that was devouring a guy in a rowboat. Somewhere in there I saw potential for something else (maybe a t-shirt down the road), so I made a more polished sketch tonight on Bristol board and inked it with a Micron.

I took pictures!

Input welcome, as always.

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Hello fanbase!

Man that week went by fast! I've been trying to update more often, but with time flying like it does, it's no easy task. Goodness, listen to me. I guess I'm getting old... or maybe just getting busy (synonyms, no?). Alright, enough existential drivel, let's talk TSHIRTS.

First up, the exciting news: the order for the newest LF shirts was placed yesternight!! That means that their ETA is somewhere within the next three weeks! Pretty sweet stuff. So start saving up kiddos! Like I always say, shirts do actually go pretty quickly, due in part to the fact that I print in such small quantities. In fact, for shirts like Once Upon A War and UPC, there's only like 1 or 2 shirts left in the XL or XXL sizes. So, in summary, don't delay. Especially since it's going to be a sale and all.

So what's the design, you ask? Well I've actually decided to keep this one under wraps until the official release on LF, so you'll have to wait a little longer to get the answer to that. But I realize it's a little cruel to leave everyone completely in the dark in lieu of your loyal readership (all 5 of you), so I did think it appropriate to give you a sneak peak at a piece of the design.

So, uh... Voila! Yeah I know, it's not a whole lot to go on, but... well, that's kind of the point really. I mean, you get a basic idea of the colors, right? So at least you can plan your wardrobe accordingly, or buy matching jewerly...ladies.

And, just to make this post deserving of a third meta tag, I've got some site related news for ya. Firstly, you may notice that the "Linty Quest" is no more. Or, more likely, you didn't notice. That's kind of why I took it down. :( I did, however, update the ever-intriguing FAQ for all your entertainment needs. I mean really, would you rather be scavenging for a 3 dollar coupon underneath some cruddy bridge or reading a captivating paragraph dedicated to the art of T-shirt maintenance?

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Hey, it's THURSDAY! Sweet. Thursdays are always nice because they're kind of like the first free nights of my week. And today is especially thrilling because I had a few breakthroughs last night with old Tshirt designs that just never 'clicked' for me. Like I finally came up with another scheme for the "Mondays", a design that was simply too boring on black. "Radio" also got a makeover. Since Real Heroes I've come to appreciate how difficult it is to work with colors on khaki shirts.

Old "Radio" design

I've also been trying to come up with new shirt ideas. Yesterday I came up with a handful, some conceptual (like "War") and others more decorative (Uhm, "UPC", I guess). Right now I have a list of a couple dozen or so that I'd like to start woking on when I've got the time. I've also started a folder of reference images and styles to browse through when I need some direction and momentum. Often I'll be looking through photographs for some side project or commission when I stumble accross an image that really jumps out at me. Usually it's that image that evolves into an idea and subsequent design. Typically the end result looks nothing like the original.

I'm still having difficulty getting the printers to replicate the pantones I've given them for the latest design, but I have a feeling the error is on their side, the way they're processing the images they've shown me. I think my best bet is to let them go ahead with the screens and have them send me a larger proof format when that step is done... Yeah, just thinking out loud here.

Oh yeah, and I still have to get those product pictures up for the last shirt! Super slacking here!

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