Schedule... yeah right.

Well that schedule seemed great on paper and all-everything with a designated timeslot and precise starting and ending time. But then I got one of these and things went downhill...

The local target had them in stock and someone offered to half/half it with me, so I was all over it. They were selling like crazy when I got there and probably sold out within a few minutes after my leaving! I felt especially cool when I sauntered back to my car and some kids in the parking lot started raising a ruckus when they saw the box. :)

So tonight, instead of corresponding with the shirt people like I should've and telling them to quit screwing up the pantones on my proofs, I vented my anxiety in a sweaty tennis match that's left me sticky and out of breath. I feel pretty pathetic admitting this, but my arms were actually pretty sore today from my Wii antics last night.

So at least I'm getting excercise... Right?


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It takes discipline

I've started scheduling my life. I think it's time. It's weird because stuff piles up on me so quickly and yet it's not like I don't have any free time. It's just that when I do have some time, I end up wandering around like a nomad looking for stuff to do/eat/hunt, unable to remember any of the things on my mental to-do list. I've tried making actual to-do lists, but I inevitabl stuff them in a pocket where they later emerge as reincarnated pulp. This has only made my free time marginally more interesting as I'm now forced to decipher these notes, or else I'm trying to get the stains out of my pockets.

So finally I came up with an idea better than this, and possibly one that no one prior to myself has devised: I call it a "schedule"!

Here's how it works: I wrote down each day of the week accross the top of a piece of paper and then the time slots of those days along the left-hand column of the paper. (I made a grid to keep it all straight) Next I put all my weekly obligations into the corresponding timeslots. This gave me an idea of where my blocks of free time would be, and approximately how much time I had in those blocks. Then I gathered all my rescued to-do notes and designated different time slots for those tasks.

Anyways, on Monday night I checked my handy little schedule and saw that it was my bi-weekly Linty Fresh! timeslot. So I sent off the next design in my qeue to the printers and things are moving along quickly! I feel very in charge of my life right now. But I also feel like a dork.

It's good though, I need to force myself to be this way sometimes, especially with LF. I don't want shirt printings to be 3 and 4 months apart. That's just too long. Dude, this microwaved pizza is the bomb.

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Life-changing, people.

Well I'm back from Asia (specifically, Kyoto/Tokyo/Beijing/Xi'an/Guilin/Guangzhuo/Hong Kong) and I miss it terribly! Everything from the kind and hospitable people to the bizzare Engrish translations, oh man... It's like I left home.

And I'm not just saying that to seem in touch with my Asian half. If anything, this trip reminded me just how un-Asian I really am. It hurt a little. Like when they asked why I couldn't speak Japanese or Chinese, since aparently my looks are ambiguous enough to fit either category.

In Hong Kong, our tour guide, "Maffew", asked:
"Soah Eric, you speak-a Chinese?"
"I wish. Full-blooded unilingual American, I'm afraid."
"Oh, I see. You not Chinese?"
"Nope. Actually half-white half-Japanese."
"Japanese? Oh, no, you look... ah... I say, 82% Chinese. Yes, yes."

Coolest people I've ever met. If you're interested in browsing my photos from the trip, you can check out my flickr here. (Only uploaded to Beijing so far!)

So in the entry before I left, I surmised that Asia would be an inspiration on an artistic level. Understatement! It was just so different there that literally everything I saw was inspiration, whether it translated into music or art or writing or... I dunno, interpretive dance? Seriously, every sight, smell, and taste was new and exciting. I think my brain is still digesting it all. I know I haven't shut up about it since I got back anyway, which was two weeks ago. Oh right, sorry about that delay there. I was sad and stuff.

So yes! Design! Art! Tshirts! Asia! Give me some time on this, but I definitely want to create a wearable memoir of my experiences...

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