Have you heard about that new Beethoven shirt at Linty Fresh?

He hasn't either. (Lame, sorry)

But anyways, the new Beethoven shirts came in TODAY (dude, two day shipping?!), and I've stuck them up on the site. Like I said, there aren't any snazzy photoshoot pics yet, but that's just going to have to wait till I get back from the other side of Earth.

Earth is a really good planet!

Oh and a gracious bow to all you who comment on my blog. That is essentially a validation of my worth as a human being, as I'm sure you bloggers out there can attest to.

"No comments? Oh...man, what's going on here? Do they hate me? Was it something I said? Maybe I need to cut back on the adaptations of Hellen Keller jokes?"

We'll see Eric, we'll see.

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Just got an email from the printers - the shirts are boxed up and on their way! That means you'll probably be seeing them on Thursday, and quite likely sans-photoshoot given the fact that I'll be going out of the country so soon and preoccupied with a million other things!

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