Last Day

I awoke this morning with the daunting realization that this is my last day in the US. As much as I'm looking forward to being back in China, it's scary to think that it's a permanent move. I mean, I could always move back here if I absolutely had to, but I haven't exactly made that an easy thing to do for myself. My car's sold along with a bunch of other stuff. In fact, if it isn't directly related to running Linty Fresh, it's gone. Coming back would mean starting over completely. So yeah, scary.

It's weird how I've had such a shift in perspective about things, too. When I was there, I loved it so much. Being so surrounded by foreign culture, music, food, and people was enthralling and addicting. But now, after being back home where everything is comfortable and easy, it's a little terrifying to picture myself back there. The daily struggles are what come to mind, not the joys.

Gonna miss everyone too. I had a bunch of friends over last Saturday for a cookout and a bonfire. They are truly some solid people: supportive, loyal, intelligent, and fun. Creative, too. Somehow, it seems that every friend that I've got has some sort of creative outlet that they do really well with - writing, music, photography, art & design. I'm sure I'll find that eventually in my new home, but in the meantime I'll miss that as well. Email just isn't the same as a chat around a bonfire.

In any case, it's almost 11 AM and I'm still in bed. I still have a few items to take care of today and then I'll be crashing extra early tonight since my flight leaves at like 7AM tomorrow. My bags are mostly packed, though, and I'm all ready for the long flights there.

See you guys in China.

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At 9:12 AM, Blogger Mark Lewis said...

Safe travels Eric!


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