Beethoven design, EL FIN!

Well I went back to having those little speaker things in the corner, just to have a little white up there. Also went in and cleaned up a few things, tightening the image here and there where lines were leaking into the wrong areas and stuff, really minor things. I've also got three colorways: red, the original turquoise, and orange. I'm pretty set on this being a bright shirt, as you can see. ;)

I'm personally really liking the red. Something about that red/green thing, it just really screams electronics which to me implies those giant mixer boards and other digital music equipment. But I could just be really sick of the blue...

Thoughts? Last suggestions?


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Beethoven design, Part V

Working night shifts KILLS. It's nice to be back in town (actually it's been a week), but still I'm having trouble adjusting completely to my regular routine. Once I got back in town I began work on some preliminary sketches for the t-shirt commission I mentioned in that last post. The sketches went over well and I was given the go-ahead for the vector art, so when I haven't been catching up with the work I was missing while I was away, I've been trying to get this commission done.

So as you might imagine I've had a pretty limited amount of time to actually work on my own designs, BUT:

Ok, so nothing too groundbreaking since the last version, just a few tweaks here and there. The microphone is gone completely now. I just wasn't feeling that stuff in the top right corner and the mic didn't look right at the bottom either. Another change I made is the incorporation of "Linty Fresh" into the design. I tried to get an even balance with the subtlety and readability, so let me know what you guys think.

Or if you can even spot it... Heh.. :]
By the way, those white concentric circles are still there, they're just really faint for some reason...?

And here's a mock-up of what it would look like on a shirt:

If there's one thing I've learned about doing t-shirt designs, it's that what looks great on a canvas or on a computer screen doesn't necessarily translate to a torso well. Most of this has to do with the four edges of a canvas. This creates a boundary that serves to contain and distribute the art. On a shirt, this changes since you've got to factor sleeves into the shape of the canvas, so that you're litterally working with a "T" shaped space. While I'm still no professional in my opinion at designing shirts, I've quickly come to appreciate how important it is to always keep a "shirt" layer in the artwork file to have something to view your art against, to be sure that it'll look right when it goes to print.


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Where I is at

Sorry for the lack of posts here lately. I'm actually in Florida right now for some work. I would have posted earlier, but I'm on a friend's laptop pirating a nearby wireless network. It comes and goes unpredictably, so I haven't been online much.

I was supposed to be coming home at the end of last week, but things haven't gone as planned so we extended our stay. I actually did get an order on Monday and ended up having to walk someone through the shipping process by phone so that the guy could get his shirt.

Thanks for all the great feedback on the Beethovan design, by the way! It's been nice to get some input from objective eyes. Looking at it again after this long, I'm still pretty happy with it, but there are some small changes I'd like to make when I get back. I've also got an AWESOME shirt commission to start on once I get back in town that I'm totally itching for. I talked with the client last week and the direction he gave me was right up my alley, given my current fever for street art and graffiti grunge. I have a strong feeling this'll be the most enjoyable commission so far! So with his permission I'll be posting that design's progress, from the inital mock ups to the final piece.

Man, I've never wanted to get away from the beach so bad in my life.

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Beethoven design, Part IV

Done. Done? I'm not sure. Almost sure, though. Not 100% on how the lines interact with the crown, but we'll see...

Oh oh oh, and I found a better way of putting "Linty Fresh" in there. Kinda hard to spot from this zoom, though.

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Sold out

So if you saw the site as of yesterday morning, you no doubt read the newsflash that I'm SOLD OUT of UPC medium-sized hoodies! Now that is exciting!... For me. (Not so much for those of you who are medium-sized and cold and missed out.) Actually that last order had me a little worried because I thought I was already sold out in that size, but as it turned out I had one last medium hoodie hiding beneath a large. My site doesn't know when certain quantities are out of stock (only when the entire design is out), so I have to disable it manually, or apologize to the people that order before I get to it...

Which is why, my friends, it is so vitally important to buy early. Immediately, if possible. :D

If you're wondering when the next Beethovan design update will be, well...soon, grasshopper. It's standard procedure for me to break for a week or so before I make final revisions to a design... or two weeks. Months. Seasons. Plus I've been swamped with other stuff and unusually tired (I might be fighting off my bi-anual cold), so time has been sparse... Oh, and also I recently discovered that I have an old Star Wars game on my PC, so that's been... important too. Ahem.

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