Oh man, it's always crazy at the end of the month trying to get everything coordinated for the next release. Yesterday I was scrambling around trying to get all the new items photographed and set up on the site, as well as getting the newsletter put together. It usually takes a whole full day to get all this stuff sorted, but I didn't quite get it all done and then, being stupid, I stayed up last last night. See, I've been on this 80's movie kick lately, so I saw Pretty in Pink, which I haven't watched since... maybe middle school? Anyways, it was so rad. To think that it came out the year I was born is just mind-boggling.

Anyways, since I was up till about 3 AM I got a late start on the day, and on top of not finishing yesterday's business I received a large order from a UK-based retailer that will put me out of stock of some of last year's designs. That's great though, because I'm running out of space on the shelves!

Anyways, just wanted to post up a few pics of my slightly bootleg photo setup with my new Ebay-purchased lamps & umbrellas. They work great, and despite my crappy Pentax point-and-shoot (better camera coming soon!), the photos turned out decent enough!

And now I leave you with my favorite scene from last night's movie:

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Can I get an up up update?

Sorry for the lack of posting here lately, it's been a little crazy lately, and not just LF stuff. Monday is usually my day to get a ton of business-related stuff done, but unfortunately I spent it at the airport and in bed...

See, I had promised a friend of mine that I'd drive her to the airport to see her off (she's moving back to Japan), but once I got there, I was confronted with the horror of pre-Christmas airport insanity. The line for the check-in counter was 600 people thick, NO JOKE. So I opted to wait in line with her, just to be sure she made the flight. Nopers! We were in line about 2.5 hours and probably still had another 2 to go when her flight left without her. So I called the airlines, rebooked it, and we packed her bags back up and came on home.

Anyway, all that standing in line and airport craziness combined with having to wake up extra early in the first place totally wiped me out, so when I finally got home at 2pm, I slept for 4 hours. Got up, made dinner, and put off all my work for today.

SO that's MY excuse.

Anyways, today I was able to get a bunch of stuff done, and got all the products (or, most of them, I should say), set up on on shop. Just a matter of clicking off the little "Hidden" checkbox on the products.

I won't divulge all of it, but I will tease y'all with this:

Not sure if you'll be able to figure it out from that, but anyhow... I'm excited. The cool thing was that I actually had an old friend of mine produce this. We grew up together in Hawaii, and recently got to talking about some of the cool technology he's invested in, and about the possibilities of him doing some work for me. He sent samples and they were incredible, so I'm stoked about these coming out.

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Madison Georgia

While at the Indie Craft Experience last month, someone came up to my booth, handed me a postcard/flier, and told me to apply - it turned out that she was the curator of the Cultural Center in Madison, GA (about an hour and a half south-east of me), and she was working to put together a market festival similar to ICE. It immediately sounded good to me, since I was thinking that I wasn't going to have the opportunity to submit to any more shows before the end of the year. So after getting home that day I went online, checked it out, and signed up. Since it was so close to me, I figured there wasn't a whole lot to lose, other than the entrance fee of $100 and some gas money.

Anyways, the date for the show (Saturday, December 13th), rolled around and I drove on down in a minivan packed with tees, displays, and other odds and ends, pleased with myself for finally remembering to bring a dolly to cart everything into the building.

I found the place easily enough, right off the main road that branched from the interstate. The parking lot was practically empty (not a good sign!), but I figured that was to be expected since it was only 8:00am, the timeslot for the first group to load-in.

The building was super cool, though, a very old red-brick structure with plenty of character inside and out.

Since the show didn't start for 3 hours, I took my time setting everything up, getting it all organized, and then doing some improvisation when I realized I was missing some crucial display hardware. All in all though, I had everything I needed and was ready to go. Now it was just time to wait, and hope that they'd done a good job getting the word out about the place...

Fortunately, it was pretty good. Not excellent by any means (I did about twice as well at ICE), but for a first-time show, I was impressed, and it's always a fun experience chatting with other vendors and interacting with shoppers.

When the show ended at 7:00, it was the usual routine of slowly breaking everything down and hauling it all back to the car. It's worth mentioning, by the way, that all the doorways in the building were too narrow for my bins, making the dolly useless after all!

A special part of the show was that at 7:30, there was a musical guest in the next building, which all the vendors were given tickets to. Amazingly, it was the Bowerbirds! I actually wrote about them in this entry here!. Anyways, that was pretty crazy. And rather than being bummed out by the small turnout, they seemed genuinely pleased to be there and perform for us. It was totally cool.

From there, I drove up a lonely road about a half hour to meet up with friends in Athens, Georgia, at a venue known as 40 Watt, to see Ra Ra Riot. It was an AWESOME show. I actually didn't listen to the CD until just a few weeks ago, and it's quickly become one of my favorites from this year.

Check it out if you don't know em!

Anyways, I finally got home at 2:30, totally exhausted from my being up nearly 24 hours and doing so much... Whew. It's almost reassuring to know that my next show won't be till June!

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In case you missed it...

Here's a recorded version of the chat:


Thanks to those that joined! Great questions!

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See you there!

Live in 10!


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Webchat date set

Woohoo! Got the shipping confirmation on my webcam, which means...

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Gearing up for January

As I said in the last post, the majority of the "work" per month happens before that month begins. For example, the new design that was released yesterday, The Snurfing Iceman, was designed on the last week of October and was printed and stocked in the second week of November. (It was actually previewed at the ICE show I did on the 13th)

So, being December, I'm getting ready for January. As of this afternoon, the printers have the file for the new tee, and hopefully it'll be printed and on my shelves before next weekend (so I preview it at the next show!). I also sent off my order for the next batch of belts, which will also hopefully be available on January 1st. I was reviewing some paperwork on my previous belt orders, and I couldn't believe that I had restocked them all in September. Crazy! The funny thing is that although a bunch of them have completely sold out (Keith, Busjacked, Cut Up, and Freshmen all sold out just this week!), there are a couple designs that almost haven't moved at all (Hedgemonster and Eye Scream). It's weird how that works. So unpredictable.

So, for the next batch, I'll be bringing back some of the classic original styles that I had released with the first series. I won't mention them just yet, but you'll see soon enough... :P

Also on the horizon is a complete makeover of the Linty Fresh website. This blog has been great, but having it hosted at a completely separate location from the shop is a little counterproductive, so with the new site I'll be able to incorporate it right into the lintyfresh.com site. There's also a bunch of other fun changes that I'll be making. And I'll have REAL models for the shirts, too. I just won a really nice photography lighting kit on Ebay, so once that comes in I'll be having a bunch of friends over and decking them out in LF gear. It should make for fun times!

There's a TON of other stuff too that are in the works, but I'm not gonna get too much into it. From my experience, things can easily fall through, so it's best to hold off from any announcements till they're completely done. Be excited though! I can't wait for 2009!

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