Tea House

Loving it so much here. Each day I keep finding new things to explore and the area I'm in just keeps expanding with new developments. When I was here in the Spring, I usually had to catch a bus downtown if I wanted to do any serious shopping (beyond fruits, veggies, spices, etc). But now there's a huge mall just a couple of blocks away, so I can just walk now. Love it!

AWESOME tea houseYesterday was pretty great. A local friend of mine took me to this incredible tea house downtown. The building was like a giant atrium-circular with a massive glass ceiling. Sort of like a huge birdcage. And incidentally, that was kind of the theme of the place-there were bamboo cages all over the place with singing birds and paintings and carvings of birds in all the furniture. There were hundreds of years of history behind it all, too, and my friend proceeded to explain and I proceeded to understand about 10% of it.

My Chinese is very contextual. If I don't know the subject, I'm way out of my league. It's coming along, though. It's fun to eavesdrop on people now. :)

OK, Linty Fresh stuff. So initially, as you may remember, there were some issues with the tees. Most notably, there was a problem with the collar that made it stand straight up rather than lay flat against the neck. Well, after a bit of deliberation and consulting with the factory, they agreed to re-stitch all of the pieces with adjusted collars. The result is fantastic. Fits like American Apparel but made of better, thicker material, and it's still super soft to the touch. I'll be sporting it tomorrow to see how it wears through the day, but I don't have any major concerns left.

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