Gearing up for January

As I said in the last post, the majority of the "work" per month happens before that month begins. For example, the new design that was released yesterday, The Snurfing Iceman, was designed on the last week of October and was printed and stocked in the second week of November. (It was actually previewed at the ICE show I did on the 13th)

So, being December, I'm getting ready for January. As of this afternoon, the printers have the file for the new tee, and hopefully it'll be printed and on my shelves before next weekend (so I preview it at the next show!). I also sent off my order for the next batch of belts, which will also hopefully be available on January 1st. I was reviewing some paperwork on my previous belt orders, and I couldn't believe that I had restocked them all in September. Crazy! The funny thing is that although a bunch of them have completely sold out (Keith, Busjacked, Cut Up, and Freshmen all sold out just this week!), there are a couple designs that almost haven't moved at all (Hedgemonster and Eye Scream). It's weird how that works. So unpredictable.

So, for the next batch, I'll be bringing back some of the classic original styles that I had released with the first series. I won't mention them just yet, but you'll see soon enough... :P

Also on the horizon is a complete makeover of the Linty Fresh website. This blog has been great, but having it hosted at a completely separate location from the shop is a little counterproductive, so with the new site I'll be able to incorporate it right into the site. There's also a bunch of other fun changes that I'll be making. And I'll have REAL models for the shirts, too. I just won a really nice photography lighting kit on Ebay, so once that comes in I'll be having a bunch of friends over and decking them out in LF gear. It should make for fun times!

There's a TON of other stuff too that are in the works, but I'm not gonna get too much into it. From my experience, things can easily fall through, so it's best to hold off from any announcements till they're completely done. Be excited though! I can't wait for 2009!

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At 11:21 PM, Anonymous Angela said...

Sweeeet I can't wait!! :D I was reading somewhere about a belt from you that I didn't recognize...and it made me sad to know there was Linty Fresh stuff I haven't seen! Maybe it will be brought back though. :)

At 5:25 PM, Blogger Eric Terry said...

Yeah, there are a ton of older products that are no longer available! I'm bringing back just a few of the belts with this new line. There are about 6 others that won't be reprinted.


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