Oh man, it's always crazy at the end of the month trying to get everything coordinated for the next release. Yesterday I was scrambling around trying to get all the new items photographed and set up on the site, as well as getting the newsletter put together. It usually takes a whole full day to get all this stuff sorted, but I didn't quite get it all done and then, being stupid, I stayed up last last night. See, I've been on this 80's movie kick lately, so I saw Pretty in Pink, which I haven't watched since... maybe middle school? Anyways, it was so rad. To think that it came out the year I was born is just mind-boggling.

Anyways, since I was up till about 3 AM I got a late start on the day, and on top of not finishing yesterday's business I received a large order from a UK-based retailer that will put me out of stock of some of last year's designs. That's great though, because I'm running out of space on the shelves!

Anyways, just wanted to post up a few pics of my slightly bootleg photo setup with my new Ebay-purchased lamps & umbrellas. They work great, and despite my crappy Pentax point-and-shoot (better camera coming soon!), the photos turned out decent enough!

And now I leave you with my favorite scene from last night's movie:

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Can't Wait!


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