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So if you saw the site as of yesterday morning, you no doubt read the newsflash that I'm SOLD OUT of UPC medium-sized hoodies! Now that is exciting!... For me. (Not so much for those of you who are medium-sized and cold and missed out.) Actually that last order had me a little worried because I thought I was already sold out in that size, but as it turned out I had one last medium hoodie hiding beneath a large. My site doesn't know when certain quantities are out of stock (only when the entire design is out), so I have to disable it manually, or apologize to the people that order before I get to it...

Which is why, my friends, it is so vitally important to buy early. Immediately, if possible. :D

If you're wondering when the next Beethovan design update will be, well...soon, grasshopper. It's standard procedure for me to break for a week or so before I make final revisions to a design... or two weeks. Months. Seasons. Plus I've been swamped with other stuff and unusually tired (I might be fighting off my bi-anual cold), so time has been sparse... Oh, and also I recently discovered that I have an old Star Wars game on my PC, so that's been... important too. Ahem.

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