Schedule... yeah right.

Well that schedule seemed great on paper and all-everything with a designated timeslot and precise starting and ending time. But then I got one of these and things went downhill...

The local target had them in stock and someone offered to half/half it with me, so I was all over it. They were selling like crazy when I got there and probably sold out within a few minutes after my leaving! I felt especially cool when I sauntered back to my car and some kids in the parking lot started raising a ruckus when they saw the box. :)

So tonight, instead of corresponding with the shirt people like I should've and telling them to quit screwing up the pantones on my proofs, I vented my anxiety in a sweaty tennis match that's left me sticky and out of breath. I feel pretty pathetic admitting this, but my arms were actually pretty sore today from my Wii antics last night.

So at least I'm getting excercise... Right?


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At 7:13 AM, Blogger The Polyglot said...

O boy, I'm so glad you agree. It's actually worse today than it was yesterday, but in my (our) defense, I think it's areas I don't use that often, like strange places in my shoulders, etc, where I didn't really realize could be sore... I'm totally down for more though. Awesome!

At 2:58 PM, Blogger Eric J Terry said...

My hamstrings are sore. And I wasn't even using them.


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