Sorry for yet another long silence...

I've been fighting a cold for over 2 WEEKS now, and this past weekend was the worst of it yet. I've heard it's pretty common for foreigners to get pretty worked over by local germs for the first leg of their stay, but that doesn't make it any less of a huge pain to deal with. To top it off, the last week has been pretty cold and damp, and against my better judgment I went for a jog on one of the clearer (but still cold) days, resulting in several days of being completely laid up in bed. BLARGH. Colds suck.

Anyways, the new tee is coming up in just a couple days, so I thought I'd talk a bit about it here and reveal a few details before its release.

First off (and I totally can't remember if I mentioned this already here), the artist that I collaborated on the design with is Will Bryant, aka Mr. Fancy Pants. I was actually introduced to Will's work by another artist that I originally had contacted for the collab. Unfortunately this artist wasn't able to work with me on the project, but after checking out Mr. Bryant's work, I was pretty enthralled, particularly by his psychedelic color palettes, clever geometric patterns and intricate linework. I sent him an email in February and he was in. Within less than 2 days of me sending him the original character and concept work, he'd come back with his part, and it was cool. But he didn't stop there, and within a week had sent me a second file with some hand-drawn "Linty Fresh" typography. I liked it even better than the first, and decided to completely scrap my first idea and instead work with the type treatment to create something new. I came up with a concept for it, wrote up a poem, and altered and added to it to produce the final piece, "Hairy Harry".
Alien WIP
As for the original piece that I sent Will, I went back to square one with it yesterday (since I was feeling a little better) and finished it off, as you can see here. I actually really like the result, though I don't feel it meshes with Linty Fresh. I decided instead to submit it to Design By Humans this morning. I wouldn't mind a little extra cash, and if nothing happens there I'll report back here and see if I can't find a buyer.

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At 11:31 AM, Blogger Nick Piekarz said...

Whoa! This looks like a crazy design, gotta pick up this one


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