5 airports from now, I'll be in China.

I'm looking forward to being there, but dude. I am so not looking forward to going. It's just such a pain travelling, you know? And I hate to be all whiny about it, because I know that only a few decades ago a trip like this would've taken a year to make, but still... whine whine. And I usually get sick on long trips like this. Last time I went to Asia I contracted this awful flu and had chills, sweats, and a raging temperature for the remaining 6 hours of the flight. No bueno! So, I just want to be there already.

It's going to be a busy week, too. I've got to get all the preparations for the new release in order, start/finish packing, do some last minute shopping, do a bunch of tax/bank stuff, and get my first employee moved in to take my spot for the next 3 months. Here's me feeling overwhelmed...

On a good note, I've finally finished purchasing all the little toys I had on my list - got the 32gb iPod touch, the Lumix compact digital camera, the laptop, headphones, etc. I feel very equipped to be thrown into a completely different life for awhile. And randomly, tonight, I got an email from a contact there that wants to know if I can help them set up a screenprinting shop. (No, I have no plans to start printing my stuff there) Unfortunately I don't know enough to set up a shop, but still, how random and great is that?

Sounds like it's gonna be one adventure after another. Stay tuned.

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At 1:10 AM, Blogger Nick Piekarz said...

Wow China sounds pretty intense. Lol little toys?? I love my Ipod Touch, Enjoy the trip! Keep Posting

At 9:45 PM, Blogger Salt said...

I think your stuff would be a hit in China! :] Congrats though.

(Ooh, and yes.. be careful in China of parasites and other foreign diseases.. my cousin got very sick when she lived in Bangkok and still has some of the side-effects after all these years. Not to scare you or anything.. haha.. just be clean.)

At 12:01 AM, Blogger Eric Terry said...

Yeah, that's good advice. I was very careful about drinking water and eating anything fresh when I was there in 07, and hopefully I won't get lazy this time around. There is some pretty nasty parasitic stuff in the water + chemicals... Ick.

At 10:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a safe and fun trip.


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