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In the last chat, someone had asked how I felt about risking my company by going abroad for 3 months. I said that I was leaving it in good hands, and the fact is that I'll still be involved with the design/production side. Still, I think I kind of skirted around the real answer, which is that, to a degree, I'm kind of terrified. The best way I can describe the feeling is something akin to leaving a child with a babysitter for the first time. Only, that child is your sole source of income, and you will not see it for 90 days.

Ohhh geez. Still, I'll be the first to acknowledge that a significant part of my anxiety can be attributed to my OCD micromanagement. Since this thing began back in '06 I was obsessed with overseeing each and every detail, and to be so removed is a scary thought.

So the obvious question is, Why go?

To put it simply, because opportunity doesn't always knock twice. I was presented with the chance to visit (accompanying a friend who just got a job there), and I decided to go for it. Going to China the first time (back in '07) was a life-changing experience for me, and I was only there a couple weeks. I actually wanted to stay. There's just something about being immersed in a culture that's so different and unfamiliar that made me realize how big the world is, that made me aware of things that exist beyond my little Georgia subdivision and the local Wal-Marts and Wendy's and Starbucks. Something about buying fresh fruits, veggies, and meats from an open-air market the same day it came from the fields. To some extent, I guess it made me realize how manufactured and processed so many aspects of modern American life are.

Don't get me wrong here - I am fully appreciative of the advantages of living where I do. Still, this is an adventure I don't want to pass up, and I know I'll be glad I made this decision. Does it mean I've lost dedication to LF? No ways! I'll still be releasing stuff each month as usual, doing my darndest to put out the best products possible. And with new artists joining the LF family, the quality will only keep going up.


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At 7:59 AM, Blogger Disney said...

Firstly: Tell your friend I said "Congratulations". Does that mean when I come to visit he's buying?

Secondly: It's for a good purpose and when the motives are pure there's never anything really to worry about.

So stoked about you guys coming!

At 6:11 PM, Blogger Mark Lewis said...

Thanks for answering the question. I sure got a lot of flak for asking the question repeatedly, thinking you had not answered it during the chat.

I am a person who has been greatly influenced by traveling outside of our little democracy. It's amazing the things that you learn not only about the world, but about your home.

Still, I'm not sure what I would do in your position. Good luck, and I look forward to reading about your travels!

At 10:03 AM, Blogger Eric Terry said...


Will do! Thanks for the encouragement.


Sorry about all the flak! As the chat gets larger the questions come a lot faster and some folks start getting snappy!

I agree with everything you've said about travel. Really looking forward to living abroad for a bit.


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