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Howdy internet people.

Well I feel like I've made a pretty major decision recently in regards to Linty Fresh that's worth sharing here. For a long time, I've been the sole designer for all LF stuff - from the tees down to the buttons. I've also done all the website design and all promo stuff, like the ads and coupons.

Of course, I've been asked more than a few times if I'd ever consider "hiring" other designers to share the workload. I usually turned that notion down, feeling that there was enough of me to go around and time wasn't so tight that pulling in new people was a necessity. The more I've thought about it, though, the more it's been an appealing idea, and not just in terms of time/labor.

For one thing, bringing in other designers to work on my stuff would help boost the variety of styles that Linty Fresh has to offer. It'd also help to reach a new audience. And as much as I love keeping the design all to myself, I'm a reasonable, logical dude, and I know that my work isn't the best that's out there.

This doesn't mean I'll be turning over all my future design work to other people. However, starting in March of this year, I'll begin offering products that are the results of collaborations between myself and other artists (much like the Eye Scream tee). It'll still be based on my concepts (and I plan to keep the poem story cards as a regular feature), but it'll have a new flair from guest artists and contributors.

It's a decision that's tough to make after nearly 3 years of going solo, but I think it only means bigger and better things for Linty Fresh's future. Stay tuned!

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At 7:52 PM, Blogger Summer said...

This is awesome news! :) I'm looking forward to helping out Linty Fresh if possible!

At 1:05 PM, Anonymous Adam said...

You should just like tell the other designer an idea you had, and tell him to just make it and see what he comes up with.

I think that'd be pretty sweet!

At 6:53 PM, Blogger Eric Terry said...

Yeah, I'm toying with that idea, but for now I'd really like to be as involved in the actual design process as possible, because I want to be sure the result is cohesive with my brand.


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