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Stickers! IMGP0801.JPGJUST IN TIME. I ordered these about two weeks ago and was getting a little nervous since I was down to my last two stickers after sending out a few orders yesterday! Actually I was especially worried yesterday when they didn't show up at my door even after UPS's tracking site listed the package as "delivered". I checked every door of our house and didn't find a thing. It was only after trudging around outside for a bit that I finally located it next to the bushes by the garage door... Not too impressed with that. :(

Sticker close up IMGP0802.JPGIn any case, these kilt-inspired stickers have arrvied safe and sound and are ready to accompany future orders!

Things have been pretty hectic around here lately with the next batches of shirts in production. It's always a frantic process of exchanging emails, print proofs, invoices, and phone calls. I learned early on to put forth 110% to make sure that every detail is to my liking. There were a couple of early prints where I OK'ed things that I had nagging doubts about, and sure enough it caused problems in the end. I even had to send back a batch and get them reprinted once... So now I really bug the printers about stuff, and that takes lots of time and energy. But on top of this usual craziness, I should probably mention that with these new tees I'm testing out a totally new printing company based in Florida. Their prices are a little bit better due to them being smaller than Customink, and they seem to be even more responsive and cooperative, which is crucial for me.

Because printing is cheaper with the new company, I'm upping the quality of the shirts. Starting with this next batch, both guys and girls shirts will be on American Apparel!!! (Styles 2001 and 2102, if you wanna check em out). The benefits of this decision are overwhelming. For example:

Of course, printing on AA products pushes the price up for me a bit (about $1.50 a shrit, actually). Additionally, I plan to start using more colors in the designs and printing in more unique locations like back and sleeve, so this adds to the cost, too. Still, these new printers are so reasonable that when all is said and done, I'm only paying a little bit more per shirt. So while the price of shirts is likely going to go up, it'll only be by a dollar or two. My goal in all of this has really never been profit. Although I'd love for it to be my sole source of income one day, my first priority is to make the art I love and share it with people around the world!

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At 1:19 AM, Anonymous phantomrage said...

I'm likin the new stickers. but, the real reason for this reply: i was looking through the Flickr and saw the storyline shit with your little hero. it needs to be printed... now. lol. i think its your best design thus far (besides my tree people. haha) colors are great, and the storyline works. itll be a fun shirt to explain, for sure. the only thing i feel its lacking is a dead monster on the back. (between shoulder blades) idk, i think it needs a resolution image. its an amazing design and idea and i hope its printed big lol. you'll need a lot of shirt space for it.

For now, ill feel cool with the LF shirts i have, an look forward to buying some of these new shirts on the AA brand clothing. :]

Michael M.

At 9:42 AM, Blogger Eric J Terry said...

Yeah, I'm pretty happy with the way the design turned out, and it's fun that it's got a little storyline behind it. I do agree about the resolution idea, though. It does need some sort of conclusion. I've got a few ideas I'd like to play around with, it's just the positioning that is going to be tricky. I also need to put a "Linty Fresh" in there somewhere which I haven't figured out how to do yet... We'll see!


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