What pays for LF

Cuz it aint the shirt sales, hear you me.

If you thought LF was paying the bills, you thought wrong! Although things have really been picking up recently, I've only been out in the marketplace for seven months (I think I officially opened on July 19th), and these things take time! In the meantime, I've been living in a soggy cardboard box under a bridge in a park, peddling shirts on street corners and grabbing precious moments of wi-fi at the nearest Starbucks.

Sort of. Actually I'm working part time at a design & print shop in Atlanta. It's work to be thankful for; I dropped out of college to "chase my dreams" and was fortunate enough to still wind up with a job in the field I intended to pursue. Plus I'm learning the ins and outs of the business side of things, experience that has already proven invaluable. But it's actually not this income that's paying for my shirts. I try to set that aside for the essentials, like food and bills, and I meticulously save the rest of it. What actually funds the threads I print up is my freelance design, specifically, t-shirt designs (OH SURPRISES!).

You may have seen the one I'd blogged earlier-it was a commission from a parkour-enthusiast website based in the Southeast, Overflux. Well recently I got a couple more...

Design Concrete Commission

Best commission I've had, hands down. It was smooth from the initial consulting on. The client gave me clear direction on what he wanted and even referenced some artists he wanted me to check out. From the beginning the aim was to have a street art feel, something I've really been into recently. He maintained that clear vision from the beginning, although I was allowed to push the boundaries as I pleased. A fun project all around!!

Golson Family Reunion Commission

When I first got this commission I was shown an image of another Family Reunion/Tree shirt design that my client had found. It was a typical clipart + text design, the kind that could've been made by a robot. I dunno, it made my stomach uneasy. I told him immediately that while I'd maintain the theme, the style would get a major makeover and that I'd be re-doing the art to make it original. He agreed. Fortunately the result has broken from the wholesale stock image feel and even (I hope) hints at a bit of sentimentality... or hope... or familial pride, or something like that. Anyways, he was happy with it, so that was good.

In other news, confirmation went in today on the Beethoven shirts, so they should be in at the end of February or so! Oh, and I'm still open to submissions for the naming contest, although I'm very happy with the photoshoot idea: Congrats Vania! (Send me your size!)

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At 8:19 AM, Blogger The Polyglot said...

Both of those commissions look awesome! The 'Design Concrete,' is very much what you seem to be liking lately, and it's great. The Golson family one is pretty sweet, too, but completely different. Very well done.

At 2:09 PM, Anonymous Phantomrage said...

Dumb name time! woo. lol. OK, this one is prolly lame, but i got nothing. I know i already have like 3 others, but i like the shirt enough to keep trying lol.
"You can never turn down the Beet"

Something to that effect. Could be played with, ofcourse. But im sure you get an idea. Cuz, really, you cant Turn down the noise level of a symphony orchestra just with a switch or dial lol. OK, im lame... adios. Nice Commissions. I love the Golson Tree one.


At 2:57 PM, Blogger Eric J Terry said...

Dude, Michael, that is one great name for the shirt. I was also trying to think of something along the lines of tying in beat + Beethovan, but that is just awesome! Maybe just to shorten it, I'd go with "Never turn down the Beet" So great!

Thanks for the positive feedback on the designs, too.

At 1:13 PM, Anonymous phantomrage said...

Thank Eric. I was thinking a condensed version too, but couldnt come up with a good one at the time. Im liking your condensing of it though. It works. lol. Im glad your pleased with it.



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