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Hellooo there.

So there's this "hot-off-the-press-trepidity" phenomenon that I've been experiencing for awhile now. It's the strangest thing: new tshirt designs always sell slow until the next design comes out. It's like people are wary of the shirts being... I dunno, poisonous or something. Very odd. Any ideas?

The traffic always picks up for the new shirts, though, so that's fun to observe. A good percent of that traffic comes from blog sites like this one that will review and feature tees that are sent to them for free. It's a rather clever business model. Virtually no overhead and they get free merchandise. Plus they've got ads, so that's probably generating some income. I've thought of putting ads on my site, but I doubt I'll ever do it. It might make a little extra cash, but even with targeted advertising like Google Adsense, it just looks like clutter to me. Of course, maybe I'll regret it when I'm on the street in the dead of winter trying to peddle my shirts from a carboard box shelter.

I guess I shouldn't be so much of an idealist.

In addition to shipping shirts out, I occasionally recieve shirts. A couple of days ago I got this one in the mail from a southeast-based parkour site, Overflux. Although I'm not as avid a practicioner of the sport as in times past, I try to keep active as a designer in the parkour world, doing illustrations, graphics, animations, and, obviously, tshirts. Anyhow, several months ago I was commissioned to do this one. I would've liked to have been a little more daring with the art and the colors, but so it goes with clients.


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