Pantones kill me.

Well it looks like the shirt has changed once last time. I sent in the red version with the pantones and when I saw the proof it was pretty gross. So I played around with it once more and finally got a nice cyan/white sceme on heather grey that I thought was pretty cool. It gives the design a much more relaxed look as opposed to the energetic red. It's neat how colors can do that.

With that out of my way I started sorting through old vector art files for things that could be salvaged and worked into new designs. I eventually came accross a file that I've toyed with time and again. Originally it was this giant Suess-esque tree with all these little creatures walking around doing ordinary stuff: trimming leaves, fishing, looking through binoculars, etc. But there was this one creature that was walking off with a chainsaw over his shoulder, and after a closer look it became apparent that he'd actually just sawn a branch of the tree and it was about to fall on this other creature. So I came up with this whole backstory on these characters to explain what was happening.

Aaanyways, I kind of threw it away for a time, as I do with a lot of my stuff. A few months back I returned to it and made it a lot more complex, adding creatures and changing the colors and stuff. But it still wasn't anything all that special. Well earlier this month I went back to it again, determined to make it into something I'd actually want to wear around. Check it out:

Niloofar Battles The Shadowslug Above a Malicious Canopy

Basically the only thing remaining from the original is the style of those orange and white tree things... But there's something about our caped hero that I'm totally digging at this point. Maybe it's just reminiscent of Link or something? I dunno, it just feels epic to me. I think it might be a cool shirt.

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At 1:37 AM, Anonymous Phantomrage said...

Haha. I got all excited for the treefolk shirt cuz ive been waitin for it, then you change the design on me. You're killin me Eric. lol. Its sweet though, im likin the hero feel to it too. And the way he looks kinda makes the viewer want to root for him in his battle with the monster thing. Its not my treefolk design(lol), but its cool nonetheless.

Michael M

At 9:33 AM, Blogger The Polyglot said...

I'd totally buy one of those. That's awesome. I especially like the color contrast

At 10:09 PM, Blogger Eric J Terry said...


Yeah, it's quite different that its predecessor, but there was just something about that one that didn't do it for me. I could just never get it to a point where I was happy with it. Who knows, maybe one day I'll put the file up here for download so that others can mess with it and sort of collaborate with me to fix its quirks.


Cool, thanks. The colors are actually quite a bit different on this screen than the one I designed it on... Still cool, but just not as vibrant. I need to get a new monitor for my pc... :(

At 9:29 PM, Anonymous Kellah said...

I'm quite fond of Niloofar. I hope he eventually gets printed.


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