LF Chat #3 Done!

Well, the 3rd LF chat was tonight, starting at 8pm EST and finishing at 10pm (though we actually stayed on a bit longer to chat with some folks and do some sketching). For those of you that participated, thanks! The questions were great. It's funny, sometimes when I'm being asked questions I end up giving answers that I hadn't formally thought through in my head, like reasons for why I've done certain things with my brand. At the time, it just felt right. But when someone points it out and asks, it makes me think about it, and I get to know my reasoning a bit better. So in a way, it's educational for me to talk through a lot of this stuff, for my own benefit.

Big thanks again to Vincent for helping me out with the web questions. A lot of that stuff is beyond me, so it's great to have someone around that's so knowledgeable about it. And he seemed to dig the chat thing, too, so who knows, he may make another guest appearance in a future show!

If you missed the chat, you can catch it in two parts below (the internet went down during the second hour so we had to make a second part):



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At 1:47 AM, Blogger Mija said...

oh man it went down when Vincent was answering my question but seriously it was cool to get a perspective on different design media (you digital and Vincent's web)

Thanks guys - you were once again helpful!!

At 10:02 AM, Blogger Eric Terry said...

Haha, which question was that?

At 10:15 AM, Blogger Vincent said...

Sorry Mija! If you want, feel free to head to my site and ask there. Or here. Or whatever.

I'm sort of glad you cut the sketching. While my attack panda had some great nips, it wasn't a very good drawing. And then you grabbed the book and got all perfect and Asian with your lines.

At 10:30 AM, Blogger Mija said...

I asked a few but I think the one that was cut off was about getting burnt out with clients...?
Thanks Vincent, def. going send more questions your way!

Thanks again you guys, I hope you do more collaborated chats in the future!

At 2:35 PM, Blogger Vincent said...


There ya go Mija. I sort of talked about being burned out and how to deal with it in the chat, but it wasn't broadcasting for much of the answer, so I wrote about it.


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