Hope for day 2!

Well, it's Sunday morning here in Chicago and I'm writing this up right before I head out for the second day of Renegade.

Yesterday was pretty gross. It was either drizzling or pouring for the whole day, and the crowds were a bit thin because of it. Still, I have to give major credit to the people of Chicago for even showing at all. There were whole families with tarp-covered strollers and raincoat-clad dogs braving the weather. Pretty hardcore! So I guess I don't have much right complaining about it myself - I was under a nice waterproof tarp for the day, so I kept fairly dry. And mercifully there wasn't much rain while we were setting up and breaking down, which made it a lot less miserable than it could've been.

Anyways, I'm looking outside my hotel window and it's looking like another dreary day. I checked the forecast and it's kind of depressing. So on the upside, and if nothing else, I'll at least get to poke around the other booths and possibly do some shopping for myself and friends back in Atlanta...

I guess this comes with the territory.

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At 2:17 AM, Blogger rorabear said...

okay, so i wore my lovely niloofar shirt last week and i was late to every single one of my lectures.
wanna know why?
because people kept stopping me to ask me about the source my amazing shirt! so i couldn't go three steps without someone getting in my face about it's splendiferousness!

At 8:22 PM, Blogger Eric Terry said...

Haha, awesome! Glad you're diggin the tee!


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