I'm on Woot!

First off, apologies for not posting about this sooner so that some of you could have the chance to snag one of my designs for just $10 from Shirt.woot.com... In any case, here it is... Late, but here!

The design:

I can't remember if I posted about this earlier or not, but to be completely frank about it, it's a little weird seeing one of my designs on a site that isn't Linty Fresh. Ironic, really, since I got my start competing for contests like Threadless, but now it feels strange to see this sort of thing anywhere but my own site.

Is it a pride thing? Maybe... probably. I turn down commissions each month from other clothing lines looking for designs. I feel that keeping "Eric Terry" synonymous with "Linty Fresh" is mutually beneficial. Plus, after working for hours on any one design, it only seems right for it to find a place within the LF family. And boy am I sounding retarded about all this. Lol.

In any case, when Woot came to me a couple months ago proposing that I do a design, I was interested in doing it for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, these guys have been awesome in getting exposure for Linty Fresh. They've had me featured as the Side Deal 3 times (Dec 07, Apr 08, July 08) and are always supportive of my work. So if there was anyone I was about to break my little rule of exclusivity with, it was gonna be them. The second thing was that the pay was good, with a healthy chance of residuals for months to come. So yeah, it was a smart move. :D

Anyway, when I got up this morning and checked my email, I had a little cluster of "Congrats!" messages from various friends and fans of LF. Strangely enough, they spotted the Woot feature before I did and were already snatching up the tees I didn't even know had been printed yet! And when I checked the shirt.woot front page, there I was!

I noticed, also, that the design had been commented on by about 40 wooters. But as much as I wanted to read those comments, I'd made a vow to myself not to do it! See, wooters can be a bit of a tough crowd to appease, partially because the demographic is so varied, and partially because they're so used to seeing a steady stream of really awesome designs, dispensed daily, at a really great price. And other designers and illustrators I've known (and highly respected) have had their stuff recieved very poorly, so I was nervous. Maybe most folks in the design industry have learned to develop a thick skin about this sort of thing, but because of the amount of myself that I put into everything I create, I can tend to take things pretty personally. So I had just decided to avoid it altogether.

But then. Tonight. I let my curiosity get the better of me. I clicked.

And it wasn't what I'd expected! Although there were a few negative comments here and there, the vast majority accepted my fiery amalgam of ninjas and dragons with open arms (and wallets)! Better yet, some knew me from Linty Fresh, and a few even mentioned that they already had some LF swag! It pretty much made my day.

Anyhow, if you're one of those fine wooters, I really appreciate it! I thank you for stopping by my shop and picking up some of my products. I know that they aren't available for the prices that woot offers, so knowing that you folks value my stuff enough to go beyond what you're accustomed to means a lot to me!

Thanks. :D

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