Sorry for splittin these up into two entries, but the formatting here always is screwy! Anyways, here's what all those pics were about!

1.Yay! Washing machine printed! After some consideration I decided to adapt this idea for a countertop instead of trying to precariously balance it on the roof of my booth. I'd like to think it was a good decision (after all, Chicago is "The Windy City") I still need to build a wooden frame for it so it's not all floppy-like, but yeah. You get the picture!

2. Assorted signage for the show in Chicago. That probably didn't need an explanation...

3. Aren't these cool! I just got them today and I'm stoked! I used a new printer for these, and he's one of the best manufacturers I've ever worked with. He was super communicative, punctual, and talented. Will definitely be working with him for new stuff in the future! That said, I probably won't do these mailers this way again due to complications in the printing and the overkill thickness of the actual envelopes. Still, it'll be a little while before I use em all up. They're going to go into circulation once the last of my paper mailers is used up, although I did just package one order in one of these...

4. And this is the one! It's going out to someone who's purchased a lot of LF gear in the past. It only seemed right that he'd get the first of the new packaging!

5. Garage! I sometimes like to think of LF as this living, breathing monster (I rather like monsters if you haven't noticed) that's slowly conquering the house. My office/room is already full to the brim of LF goodies, and now the garage has been infected!

6. Sneak peek! Of what? You'll find out in September!

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