Asheville a success!

Curse my never taking pictures of stuff! The best I could do was snag this shot from one of the organizer's Flickr photostream. It was just too busy to take my own pics though. I had folks browsing through the wares pretty much nonstop throughout the day. In fact, I sold a bunch of stuff before the event even officially began at noon!

Now, Asheville is about 4 hours from Atlanta, so I had to be up pretty early to make it in time for setup (4:30 AM, to be exact). I actually really love driving before the sun is up. There's just something very ethereal about driving through the country into a smudge of light from the sun rising on the horizon. That plus a backing soundtrack of Grizzly Bear and I'm pretty much set.

Got there a bit early so I drove around and explored the city. It's a pretty cool place. Smaller and quainter than Atlanta, and with more personality and artisanship. I suspect it'd be a cool place to live. I began setting up at around 9:30, and took my time with it. I was done by 11:00.

It's always a little nerve-wracking to sell in a new city. Atlanta's fun, because it's home. Each show seems to bring out more support for both the local scene and Linty Fresh specifically (I've actually been recognized around town for being the Linty Fresh guy, which is cool!). But with a new place, there's a certain tension there, a lack of confidence in how the local audience will receive my brand and my art.

The first sale came in a bit after 11:00. It was one of my Hairy Harry tees, and the customer just kept saying over and over how cool he thought the tees were, and how well everything was going to sell. It was the boost I needed, and things didn't slow down till closing at 6PM!

Incredibly, I actually did better at this show than I did on either day in Brooklyn's Renegade show, which is just about mind-blowing to me. So yeah, Asheville pretty much rocks.

In international news, things are coming along speedily! The first batch of tees is completely ready to go, so now it's time to get busy arranging the photoshoot, which will be handled by a friend there who claims to know plenty of willing models. We shall see!

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At 3:46 AM, Blogger pIggy said...

Hi Eric,

I really like your design.
Could you please consider using v-necks, scoops,tank top,etc for girls?




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