Feelin' the stress

I feel like all the relaxation of the last 3 months has been quickly reversed in just 3 weeks since being back. It feels like this spring in my chest that's being wound a little tighter every day, and it's the worst!

Part of it, of course, is all this travel. just got in from New York (a weekend of 1800 driven miles), and in two days I fly out to California to see some relatives. Since news of my plans to move back got around, a lot of family wants to see me before the summer's out. All this travel means that I still have clumps of luggage that I haven't opened since my return from China, which makes me feel unsettled and annoyed. I work well when things are organized and neat, and having to rummage through piles of stuff is really annoying to me.

The good news (for me, anyhow), is that a lot of stock is moving this summer, which means that I can focus on a few new releases before I leave in late August. The unfortunate side of this is that I'm running out of a lot of sizes, specifically guys' smalls and mediums. Same goes for belts, of which I only have 1 or 2 in most styles. So, hopefully some new belts this summer too, but no promises.

Starting production in China means that I'm having to figure out the balance of financing production on two fronts. The current plan is to have the Chinese Linty Fresh website up and running in July (which means some income on that end). But until then, LF USA is paying for all the operations there. Ahh, the headaches of going international.

As for China, the fabrics for my first line are finished, so now it's a matter of me seeing some samples to confirm the colors and quality. Next, using my measurements, they'll sew up a spread of sample blank tees for me to wear and wash. I'll have to make sure the fit is right (measured to my current line here in the US) and the collar isn't too tight, etc etc. Finally we'll move on to the printing, tagging, and bagging stages. It's a lot to get done in just a few weeks, but if there are any delays with our timeframe, it'll be the fault of the postal system, not me or the factory. Countdown!

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