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Workin lateYeah, so... No tee this month. Apologies! I was supposed to have a special new product out for this month, but it got held up and I'm still waiting on it... Aside from that, things have been a little hectic dealing with both the upcoming show I have in Brooklyn and the back-and-forth with China. Last night I was on a business call with my translator/adviser for a couple of hours sending files back and forth and trying to figure out what the heck an .SHS file is. I'm super thankful to have the help, though. I know for a certainty that if I didn't have this particular contact, I'd probably let this opportunity slip by. If all pans out, I'll likely be hiring her full time as a secretary/personal assistant. She's excellent at chasing down information and getting things done, and has an uncanny sense for business and marketing.

Case in point: last week while trying to come up with a Chinese transliteration for "Linty Fresh", she sent me a mini report which included a bunch of insights into the Chinese language and the following suggestions:

1. 灵T匪思 (ling2 T fei3 si1): I decided to use alphabet T in the name. I think it is funny and everyone can read T and know it means Tees. 灵T means smart, active and bright Tees. 匪思 is from a Chinese ChengYu 匪夷所思, means fantastic and unimaginably unique.
2. 灵T斐思 (ling2 T fei3 si1)The last part is changed, 斐 means colorful and brilliant, so斐思 means colorful and brilliant ideas or thinking.
3. 灵T斐世 (ling2 T fei3 shi4) The last part is changed, which is more close to the pronunciation ‘Fresh’. 世 means the world, so the whole image of the name mentions the awesome tees will be brilliant in the world.

I went with option 2. Keep your eyes peeled and you should see it start popping up as I catalog the adaptations I'll be making for Linty Fresh in China...

Linty Fresh @ Indie Craft ExperienceSo the show this past weekend: good, and gratifying, but a little strange for me in certain respects. I mean, I guess it's natural that as the brand grows, the site and this blog also grow in popularity and readership; still, it was funny to have people come up and mention specific details about my life, or me, or ask how China was. My mind would reel for a second with, "Huh? How the heck did..." and then the "Oh right, I broadcast every detail of my life through Twitter and my blog" realization. Oh yah, the internet. Huh.

It's great to see all the hard work paying off though. Seeing repeat faces, or hearing about how a certain customer always got compliments on his LF gear is something that never gets old, and genuinely feels good. Of course, a lot of this is due to me being based here in Atlanta, and having done a few local shows. New York should be interesting. Although a lot of tees go there, it'll be the first time I'm showing in person.

Either way, I'm looking forward to it. My friend Vincent will be tagging along and helping out with the show. If you watched my 3rd LF chat you'll know him as the web guru friend that cohosted with me. Should be good times.

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At 12:07 AM, Blogger GreenSpaceGoods said...

It was nice to meet you Eric. Keep up the awesome. (Oh, and Sheep Cloud is enjoying his new home :)

At 4:27 AM, Blogger Eric Terry said...

Awesome! Thanks!

At 1:39 PM, Anonymous Kavita said...

Ahh i absolutely adore your shirt designs, they're amazing. Great job :D x


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