The Linty Fresh Webwide Hunt!

So if you follow my Twitter you may have noticed a little tweet about an upcoming Linty Fresh game to be held tomorrow, Monday, June 15. It'll be hosted via twitter, so if you'd like to participate, be sure to follow me. I promise I'm not one of those people that tweet every five minutes. Honest!

I'm calling the game "The Linty Fresh Webwide Hunt", and basically it's an online scavenger hunt. Each clue will require participants to do a bit of web browsing, be it Google image searching, YouTube scouring, Wikipedia digging, and other general online meandering. The game will last for most of the day, with clues coming at random times, so if you're on your computer at any time tomorrow, you'll have a shot at scoring some points.

Points will be awarded to the first person to correctly respond to a clue by tweeting it with "@lintyfresh" at the end of the tweet. Points earned correlate to a percentage discounted in my shop at the end of the game. In other words, if a player earns a total of 10 points, I will provide them a 10% coupon for use in my store. To protect myself from someone getting 100 points and then getting my entire stock for free, there will be a $100 limit on orders purchased with game coupons.

And yes, if you score 80 points in tomorrow's game, you can walk away with $100 worth of LF gear for 20 bucks. Pretty sweet, eh?

So be sure to tune into the Linty Fresh Twitter tomorrow and try your web skills in this kickin' online community game!

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