China. Let me count the woes.

So for the last month and a half I've been working on paying the people in China for the tees. It might seem weird that I didn't pay up front, but it isn't, really. We had a contract, and I only had to pay a percentage at first, with the bulk coming later. Well, that later finally came, and I was required the pay the rest of the money. So I go to my bank, get a formal wire transfer request, and fill it all out. The money in my account is sufficient, the details look good, the teller stamps it and puts it in her little tray for processing.

2 days later, while in California, I get a phone call from my bank. They ask for a "Purpose for Funds", because the Chinese bank won't touch the money unless they know why it's there. I explain succinctly, "reimbursement for tshirts". The reason I noted "reimbursement" was because at this point, the money had actually been fronted by an associate there, so I was repaying him what he paid the factory. Ok.

A week goes by, and I get an email from the associate there. He can't get to his money. The bank has it alright, but they say his name doesn't match. One of the letters is an "A" when it should be an "O". Nevermind that his address, phone number, and account details are completely accurate and there is no possible way it could be anyone else... That .01% room for doubt is enough to fire up sirens and put a lockdown on the wire. Awesome.

So a couple weeks ago, I go to my bank and explain the problem. She shows me my original paperwork and the final, type-transcribed request, and sure enough, somewhere along the line, someone misread my handwriting. I point this out to the lady behind the counter who nods sympathetically and promises to send an addendum to China explaining their mistake. Success seems to loom closer...

10 days go by. I'm in the car with some friends, and my phone goes off. The caller ID says it's "UNKNOWN", which I immediately know to be China.

"Hello, Boss."
"Hello, what's up?"
"Bad news"
"Ok. Let me have it."
"China still won't release the money."
"They say that since your associate isn't a company, it doesn't make sense for him to get money for products like tshirts."
"You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding."
"It should be more generic. Just say "repayment"..."

It was the first time I'd ever dreamed of putting my head in a microwave.

A true story.

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At 11:14 PM, Blogger Mija said...

Seriously?? wow!

I'm so sorry, all of this seems really stressful for such a small difference!


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