So I just got in from a mini-show in Atlanta at a popular Boutique/Gallery, Young Blood. It was nice to be at a show after thinking that I wasn't going to be able to do another one before leaving for China. As my departure date creeps closer I'm beginning to think of all this stuff I'm really going to miss when I'm gone, and I think these shows are one of them.

It wasn't an especially profitable night, though. Not at all terrible for a 3-hour show, but still a little slow. Of course, with the cold spell we've been having here in Atlanta and the rough economy, that's to be expected. And that aside, my booth had steady traffic the whole time, so I shouldn't complain.

These shows, though, are really more than just making money and getting my name out there. I mean, that's the point and all, but there are a lot of other important factors that make it worthwhile, the most important of which is direct customer interaction. It's not just about ego-tripping (though that's a part), but about being able to read the customer's reaction and getting a feel for what people like and don't like. On the site it's impossible to determine those kinds of nuance preferences. And that kind of interaction is so useful in helping me generate new ideas by gauging what my selling points are and enhancing them.

On the way home from the show I got to thinking about some of these strengths I've got going, and came up with some interesting ideas that I'd like to try out this year when I get back... We'll see.

Another highlight was on my way out when I spotted a couple of original works from an old classmate and current friend Kelly McKernan. You can see some of her work in her shop here. Way to go Kelly!

Last night was awesome, by the way. For those of you who follow my tweets on Twitter, you know that I went to see Andrew Bird at a venue downtown. It was really different than the first time I saw him, but it was pretty mesmerizing.

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At 1:10 PM, Blogger Kelly said...

Glad it went well enough, albeit slow! And thanks for the shoutout! I was thinking of asking if you had spotted my work in there... :)


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