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So this is a cool little tidbit... Webstats.

Usually I don't pay a whole lot of attention to them. Because I'm running a store and not just a blog site, I feel that I can pretty easily gauge how well I'm doing by the numbers in my paypal account rather than the hits on my website. Still, I decided to take a look at my analytics stats after ignoring them for almost a year. It was pretty awesome:


Sept 22-Oct 22
12632 Hits

Oct 22-Nov 22
14579 Hits

% Change= + 15.41%


Sept 22-Oct 22
1084 Hits

Oct 22-Nov 22
2039 Hits

% Change= + 80.10% (!!!)

So... that increase in the blog views in INSANE. The only thing I could think of was the videos, since I put those up primarily in the last month and a half or so. Well, I decided to do some digging around on google, and it turns out that they have, in fact, generated a lot of buzz in the Tee realms:

T-shirt Gang


T-shirt Forums


Coty Gonzales

You Design It

It's kind of fun to do a search like that once in awhile. I mean, apart from just an ego-stroke, it's always reassuring to hear positive things from those I'd consider to be the "critics" of the tee world. Although, to be honest, that's a harsh term for most tee-bloggers. Usually they're pretty supportive and good to acknowledge the work that designers/entrepreneurs put into their brands.

It's also cool to see the videos being so well received. Honestly, a lot of times as I'm filming, all I'm thinking is, oh geez this is going to be the most boring thing to watch... urgggg...., so it's always suprising to get such good feedback. And I really do enjoy helping folks out. Even though I've kept to my new policy of not giving out my contact info anymore (sorry, gotta keep some secrets!), I do as much as I can to help out in other ways, and I feel this channel is another avenue to that goal.


So tonight, though sick and in bed, I decided that I had to finally get the write-up for the new tee done. (You can see a preview of it in the new video, by the way) I had the rough story in my head for it, and just needed to decide on a few of the details, and whether or not to make it just a regular mini-story or a poem. I went with poem. Anyways, in the end it became story of a legendary ice monster that lives far up in the mountains and although it is believed to be some carnivorous beast, it's really just out to find some powdery slopes to board.

Well after doing the writeup and getting a few other things ready to go on the site for the release on Sunday/Monday, I decided to relax with a movie, since my head was pounding at this point and working anymore was pointless. I threw in "Monsters, Inc.". I saw bits and pieces of this movie years ago, but never watched it all the way through. It was awesome! But what really made me laugh was the part with the abominable snowman, and then the following scene with Sully sledding down the snowy mountain - LIKE THE SHIRT! Weirdness.

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At 1:25 AM, Anonymous Mitch Kitter said...

Dude; Your video's kick ass!!

The videos are actually what sent me your way! Over coffee my friend was telling me about this cool guy (you) that makes these awesome goofy videos.

I'm starting out in the photography business and I find your videos highly informational and transferable to my market.

Thanks for making them!; Can't wait to see more!

At 7:55 AM, Anonymous Rangga said...

hey Eric, nice video you put up there.. congratz :)

and hey, get well soon okay

At 10:08 AM, Blogger Eric Terry said...


Well, thanks! Glad there's a bit of crossover into other industries, too. I hadn't really expected that!


Thanks buddy!

At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Angela said...

Aww sick? Did you eat too much at Thanksgiving? :P Get well. :) Congrats on the site stats, that's amazing and awesome!! And might I say, Monsters Inc. ROCKS!! It is my favorite animated movie, and that is pretty funny and ironic that you watched it the same night as working on your new shirt narrative...*cue spooky music* haha

At 2:55 PM, Anonymous Coty said...

Congrats on the increase in hits - the more the exposure the better! And thanks for the link back to my blog!


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