Hellloooo December!

First off, the bad news - the web-service I typically use for my newsletter is down for maintenance until Monday at 9AM, so it'll be just a tad late this time around. So instead of making this entry in the blog any different than what's usually in the newsletter, I'm pretty much just going to copy + paste the info right here so I don't miss anything!

First up...

November Flickr Contest Winner!
Congrats, tmacm12! It's a simple, straightforward pic showing off the NOM button, and I like it. Of course, the competition wasn't too stiff this month, with only a few more pics drizzling into the pool. I'm actually thinking about temporarily taking a hiatus with this contest since the competition is just too easy! So get those photos in for the December contest, because it just may be your last chance to score freebies...

Now onto the new stuff...

The Snurfing Iceman!
I'm excited about this tee for a few reasons. First off, it's the first tee that was printed by a new printer I'm using, and their shop is literally around the corner from me. This has been a totally awesome transition for me, because even though I really loved working with my previous printer, they were based in Florida, which meant a lot of waiting on shipping, extra fees, etc. Anyways, I'm pretty stoked that these guys are so close, and were able to really do an amazing job with this design.

I'm also just happy about it because it's a yetti. On a snowboard. (As a sidenote, the "snurfer" was the name of the first commercially produced snowboard, developed in the 60's, hence the shirt title)

Oh, and if you'd like to see the tee in action (yes? no?), you can catch it in my latest LF vid, a cooking instructional on making Chinese dumplings: LF Vid #6.

New Bundle Option!
Upon the request of many emails, I've decided to also release a new option for the bundle boxes. Now you can get a hoodie, a tee, and a belt at a discounted rate (15% less, to be exact). It comes in a slightly bigger box, too. And, as with the regular bundle box, if you'd like to mix and match sizes for the hoodie and the tee, it's no issue, just shoot me an email: gameyy(at)lintyfresh.com

Other stuff!
Don't forget, the coupon is still live for the next two days! So if you were holding out for the new stuff, don't wait any longer!

Finally, I want to let all you Atlantans know that I'll be showing at yet another show here in Georgia on December 13th. Find out more here!

As always, if you're on MySpace you can check me out here! Anyways, enough from me for now!

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