ICE! New printer, etc...

Haven't made a real update in awhile so there's kind of a lot to report here, but I'll stick to the most recent bits.

Firstly, ICE was just incredible. The absolute BEST show I've done so far (I know, only 4, but still!). I was busy through the entire thing, from the moment I set up to the moment the show ended (and after, actually) I didn't even get a chance to eat lunch and had to rudely munch on stuff as I made transactions! It was super crazy. I think I actually lost some sales because people had to wait in line too long! Just nuts.

The cool thing was that I had lots of repeat customers from the last ICE. I remembered some of them instantly and a lot of them went kind of nuts when they saw the booth and the new products. I had a bunch of people who were shopping for others and that made it awesome because I had some deals where people could buy stuff in bulk and save, and to my amazement people didn't even hesitate when their totals came up. And it was definitely cool to see all those people walking around with Linty Fresh boxes and bags for the rest of the event.

Also of note was how many people recognized my stuff. Most of them couldn't pinpoint it, but it could be indie blogs or writeups that I don't know about. Unfortunately, it's also possible that I'm getting ripped. I actually got messaged on Myspace recently by a guy in LA who told me there's a shop there that's carrying ripoffs of my line. He's supposed to get pics and a phone #. What a headache!

Anyhow, today I had a bunch of little errands for here and there. I don't think I've actually mentioned this yet, but I just switched to a new screenprinter that's located less than 10 miles from me. It's ridiculous. And their work is absolutely unrivaled. They just finished my December tee and it came out amazing. Plus, I can just go and drop in to check on stuff. They actually called me last week to double check the colors on the tees before they finished them. I felt very cool going in there. Anyhow, I went again today to chat about some other printing services: glow in the dark, foils, bags, etc. I'm just stoked how close they are and how willing they are to try anything and experiment.

Oh, and I rearranged the apartment last night after running out of space in that back storage room. I've decided to make that my bedroom/study and make the main flat the office/storage space. Makes more sense that way. Not sure what'll happen in the next few months though. I'm running out of room again... :(

New shoes! I've never gotten into the sneaker craze, but I just couldn't resist these when I saw em at Marshalls. Plus I've been coming out with a lot of tees with that same blue so now my footwear can match. :P

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At 11:44 PM, Blogger Mau said...

Who's your printer? I'm in the Atlanta area, and often end up being dragged into special events that need shirts printed...


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