LF Vid #4: Tips for Art/Craft Shows

A little less crazy, a little more informative. These are some pointers I've picked up from my own experiences at shows and from talking with other vendors. Most of them are common sense, but sometimes it's good to hear things and see them in action too.

Tips for Art/Craft Shows from Eric Terry on Vimeo.

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At 3:46 PM, Blogger samedog said...

Hey Eric

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy the blog and the videos. I'm hoping to be selling shirts somewhere, somehow, sometime, so I sort of treat your stuff as a mini Tee University.

Something selfish I've been thinking about this morning - is there any chance of doing a few smaller videos from time to time? Down here in Tasmania the internet connection is still some kitchen twine stretched between a coffee shop in Melbourne and a phone box in Launceston. Makes the whole LF vid experience an exercise in tactics (load some, watch some, make coffee, load some, watch some, play solitaire, load some...you get the picture).

So my self serving request of the week is LF Quick Bits. Hope you can indulge me.

Keep up the good stuff, and good luck for your next show.


At 9:26 PM, Blogger Eric Terry said...


Hahaha, thanks for the awesome comment! I lol'ed at the kitchen twine bit!

It's a good idea actually. I find that I kind of ramble in these vids, so I'll be trying to trim them down, though I can't promise they'll be too much more frequent than they are now since it takes a while to get them together!


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