Blue Skies Don't Mean Nothin'

Cloud Monster

I submitted this to Woot last night. They emailed me again this week about doing a design for them, so I thought I should probably get on it. This is the first design I've submitted for printing on any other site than my own since LF opened in February 06. I normally turn these kinds of requests down, but Woot has been awesome in featuring my work in the past, and they're a bunch of really awesome people! Plus, the cash will be nice if it gets accepted, and if not, it'd be a lovely tee addition to LF. Win-win!

The WriteUp:

A quick glance at the midday sky told the pilots everything they'd hoped; the breeze was gentle and the air clear. Had it not been for their roaring turbines charging for flight, they'd have even heard the song of a local flock of birds roosting in a tree just beyond the airstrip.

It was, according to all available indicators, a perfect day for flying.

Unfortunately, these indicators were not set to monitor the strange weather patterns brewing in Leesville, South Carolina, an hour west of the pilots' pleasant training spot. These anomalous conditions would eventually spawn a monstrous and deadly cyclone, which one local corn farmer would describe as doing more damage than "th' time ol' Manny McCann fell asleep on th'combine".

And actually, the corn farmers had it easy; only the tip of the devilish cyclone's tail ever touched ground, and sparingly at that.

The real damage was done thousands of feet into the sky, where the chaotic helix of writhing air devoured the crew of pilots, thrashing them in their cockpits before they could eject to safety.

And as the last pilot, Chuck Spear, felt the air escape from his lungs and watched his plane, Enora Ivy, peeled away like a banana skin, he thought to himself, "Well Ah'll be, blue skies don't mean nothin' no more..."

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