Renegade Chicago

I'm pleased to announce that Linty Fresh will be an official vendor at Renegade Chicago on September 13 & 14. I'm ultra excited about this one!

To be completely honest, I was feeling super nervous about the whole thing yesterday. It was July 11th, the last day of notifications from the staff of the show. I had a bad feeling that since it was down to the wire, there was a chance I would be getting turned down. Fortunately not! The email actually came in this morning, and I was dancing around my computer when I read it!


There's a few fun ideas that I'm throwing around for this show, too, that I think will make it uber special. Specifically (without being too specific), my tent display. One thing that I had really wanted to do for my show here in Atlanta last month was to go crazy with the actual tent top of my booth, painting it or stenciling it and making it really stand out from the rest. As it turned out, I ran out of time (and energy), and I opted for a simple banner instead. Actually, it's more than likely that my tent won't be getting any coats of paint for this Chicago show, but if I can swing it, I will be doing a crazy piece of "artistic decoration" for the booth. ... Stay tuned...

In other news [that I can't fully reveal, sorry], my custom packaging is currently in production in Philly, PA. I'm actually using a new printer for this, but so far he's been excellent in working out problems with me and has been very cooperative in entertaining my ideas. It's so important to have this kind of working relationship with folks, and I'm really privileged to be able to work with these guys. Best of all, they should go into production tomorrow or Monday, which means I'll get to see some photos pretty soon! I'll post em up here, too, if they don't give everything away... :D

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