More secrecy and vaugeness

Secret #3

Well that was unplanned.

Originally I had a ninja and frankenstein (like the belt) slated for full character design, but at approximately 4:30 on Saturday I decided to make a bit of economic commentary and make one of my characters a bandit gas pump. I scribbled the idea down in my little idea book and didn't get a chance to work it out digitally till this afternoon. I'm really diggin the bits of graffiti on the back. These are loads of fun to do!

So, that leaves one more character to design and then I can move onto the next stage.

My mom and I browsed through Joanne's yesterday for materials for yet another product I'm wanting to produce: wallets. She's an awesome seamstress but hasn't done much of it in awhile, and she seems to like the idea of me being her boss (go figure..?), so I'm going to be using her for a bunch of future products. Anyways, wallets - I've tried a few options for this so far, and I just don't like the results, so I'm thinking of having my mom stitch them up by hand. Most likely I'll get high-quality vinyl printing done and stitch this onto plastic leaves... Eh, there's still a ton of stuff to work out and it can't happen till my current project is done, but I like thinking out future problems, because with open eyes I often stumble inadvertently onto the solution.

What else...

Oh, I put in my notice for work! I'm quitting midway through July, about a month from now. As it is, I'm barely there (only 1 day this week), but it'll be nice to be free once and for all. It'll save me loads on gas (and wasted commuting time, though I'll probably sleep that away on work days anyway), so I'm looking forward to it. It means really getting more organized, but the motivation shouldn't be an issue.

Ta ta!

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At 1:43 AM, Anonymous Nate Maggio said...

I love that character! I want a huge print of him (his front and back) on some nice card stock!

At 9:28 AM, Blogger Eric Terry said...

Yeah, that would be pretty sweet!

At 7:30 PM, Anonymous michael m. said...

i wouldnt mind the gas bandit on a wallet... i really like the idea of making those, eric. once you get them worked out id love to pick one up! :]


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