Black tshirts in summer?! Bad idea Eric!

Or so I used to think. But seeing as Mack has sold consistently for the last two months, I aint afraid of a little summer sensibility. So:

KeithYeah, so LF's style is definitely narrowing in a bit. Trying to keep that consistent sharp graphic look with a cartoony flare but subtle "dark" influence. I don't like using that word, but I can't think of another to fit what I'm trying to describe. Basically, they're cartoons that aren't for kids. So there's always something that's just a bit edgy or strange about it (ie, the body bag in Fish, Etc. or the inexplicable severed arms in The Dotted Line) Honestly, I'm not doing it for the purpose of being edgy or anything like that, it's just what comes out of my head... And my head's a strange place, yanno?

ANYWAY: this tee will be released probably in August, but we'll see. I'm printing a bunch of stuff behind the scenes so it's tough to keep up with the costs there when you aren't selling the items you're producing (YET. They'll all get released at once!).

Oh, and this poem is going in the product write-up. Wrote it in 10 minutes while waiting for a CD to burn. So the syllable count aint perfect, ok? :P

Keith was always quiet
Lurking about his home
There was little else he'd ever do
But lap his ice cream cone

Some folks thought he couldn't speak,
Some folks jeered and teased,
But Keith only needed one short phrase:
"I want more ice cream, please"

Friends would ring the doorbell,
"Keith, come out to play!"
But through a screen Keith stared at them
And lapped his cone away

Eventually the friends gave up
On strange Keith and his cone
Eventually they found other games
Keith was, at last, alone

But one day in hot July
Visitors arrived
An alien race from another world
called Elron Exus Prime

They zapped the small town where Keith lived,
His school and all his friends
And when he was given the chance to live
He just shrugged, "Depends."

"Depends on what?!" the creatures asked
Their black eyes gleaming wide
"Tell me a bit about your spaceship,
the things you have inside"

And so the aliens listed things
They'd captured from the earth
From bugs and worms to cows and trains,
Stacks of volume's worth

But little Keith kept quiet,
Nodding as they talked
Waiting for a single item
To decide to stay or walk

And when they finally mentioned it,
He cheered and bounced and ran
For he could be happy anywhere
With an ice cream cone in hand

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