A good cause

I bought this poster last week:

The artist, Eric Smith, is a guy I know from a design community I frequent. Recently he was diagnosed with cancer. He explains further on his website:

I have learned to saturate each moment in front of me with all of my energy, as well as many other tremendous lessons. I decided to create a poster series with some quotes that have driven close to my spirit throughout this whole ordeal. Proceeds from the sale of these posters will be donated towards the Live Strong Foundation.

It's a cool poster for a great cause. He's got other ones too, so check them out:


It kind of reminds me of something my mom said to me recently. Knowing me and my ambition and seeing how I can often get on a one-track mindset when trying to accomplish something, she advised: "Remember, life is everything. The people around you, the moments you experience, everything that happens. Not just where you end up."

It's good advice.

On a lighter note, I find it interesting that Linty Fresh daily gets hits from people googling the key words "fresh girls".


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