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Woah, random.

Came home to a myspace message from Johnny Cupcakes:

"Dope brand!

I like the name too.

Hope all is well.


Huh. Wonder how he heard about me...? I hadn't added him as a friend until his request just now. Weird, but cool.

So I spent like 3 hours making buttons yesterday. I've got about 400 of them now so I'm pretty well stocked for the show. Probably will do another huge batch of logo buttons as freebies though, and I'm thinking of designing another set. What would you rather see, a button pack featuring monsters, ninjas, or robots? I'm torn.

Speaking of torn... A bunch of friends always get together on Sundays for some intense ultimate frisbee and I was hoping to join up, but unfortunately I've got to design a bunch of signs for my booth... I also just bought a scale so that I can print off postage here at home, so I gotta get that thing set up...

Tonight I bought a ton of other random junk for the show like these huge tupperware crates for storing the tees and a nylon shoe rack which I'll use to display the belts. I still need to purchase (or rent) the credit card scanner/printer combo thing, which I'm anticipating will be a headache.

As for the products at the show, it looks like it'll be just tees and belts this time around. The test wallet that I had printed didn't turn out too great (the bulges caused the ink to pool before drying), so I'll have to put a delay on those till I can figure something else out. And the bags hit a snag too. The ones that I wanted to use are of really poor quality, and just about all the customer reviews on them are negative, so I'll have to find an alternative offered on colors I can work with. Hoodies are on hold too, until the weather gets a bit colder. And as for the onesies, I just didn't have time to get around to it, and I'm afraid it's too late now to add more things to the queue.

But I'm not too worried - a lot of this is to test the market anyways, and I'll have 18 tees and 9 belts to show for, so that should suffice for now. The ICE show in December should be pretty insane, though. I'm thinking by then I'll have another 15 tees, 5 belts, and a collection of new items to show. I may end up just leaving the old stock at home in that case. We'll see.

OK, off to grab a bite and then do some signs - hope y'all had a fab weekend!

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