May releases!

It's May! As usual, I released some new stuff on the first of the month (yesterday). I won't be able to ship them till I get back since I'm in New York right now, but they're still available for order:

The first one, "The Dotted Line", has a cool dotted line & scissors print on the back, too. Check out the store for more pics!

The second tee, "Mack Hated Mondays", is an ooooold design (over 2 years) with a few changes, and now featuring my first ever sleeve print. It's got "Linty Fresh" in that monster/horror 1950's movie poster font and a little UFO. It's pretty rad!

Oh, and I got a cool email this morning from a guy at T-shirt Magazine telling me that they just did an interview with Rumplo (another Tshirt rating site), and that they mentioned me as one of their favorite tee shops! Super cool.

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