Almost 2 months!

A long time!

Well things are still going here at LF. It's been a little quiet lately due to a site error on my part that was keeping the shopping carts from functioning correctly (now fixed). Prior to that I reprinted Once Upon a War on the original gold color and pink too (guys and gals). Also, like I mentioned a few months back all the shirts are now on American Apparel. It means the price has gone up a few bucks per shirt, but on the plus side all the older shirts on Fruit of the Loom have gone down to $15. Plus the new shirts are going to fit and feel a lot better. I'm wearing one now, so you can trust me. :D

This afternoon I sent out an email to the shirt printers with the specifications for a brand new design. I can't promise a release date since it's pretty much in their hands at this point, but I'm thinking that they should debut sometime in mid-November. (Gotta tag them and get product shots made before I'm ready to put em on the site)

Speaking of which, the last photoshoot was a blast! My friends brought over wigs, props, costumes, and other gags and we worked them into the shots one way or another. You can see many of the best ones in the catalogue or on my Flickr (you can also spot the new tee design if you browse my albums...)

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