They're here! Linty Fresh belts! This was just a test run to see how they sell, so I've only made 5 in each style (and I'm snagging the Smile one for myself I think!)... So uh, get one!

Smile! Canvas Belt

Woodie Canvas Belt!

Fantastic Rabbit Canvas Belt

Sally the Pirate Canvas Belt

Hans the Monkey Canvas Belt

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posted by Mr. Linty @ 10:11 PM,


At 8:12 AM, Anonymous Sheyra said...

Hey Eric! I'm a fellow designer in Atlanta and came across your setup looking for coverage on ICE this year. I'm friends with one of the girls that runs the collective and this is the first year I missed it. I'm curious about your belt lacquering... that can't be hand-done, is it? If not, do you mind my asking where you had them done? It's flawless. Nice work, keep it up :)

At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Sheyra said...

Funny, I just found this site called Miles to Go after posting this comment. Didn't really give you much time to reply :) Hope to see your goods at ICE next year.


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