I'm going snowboarding this Friday and I am ultra stoked. I haven't been in over 2 years and it's been pure agony hearing recounted tales of friends who've taken trips in that time. But it just never worked out for me to join them, and I didn't have my own board and hated renting one and never knowing exactly how it'd feel. Well about a month ago I decided that it was time to not only get my butt back on the slopes, but get myself a decent board.

As it turned out, finding a board my size that was both affordable and attractive proved difficult. Either they were new models in the hundreds (which I refused to pay), or they were dirt cheap and looked awful. If only I could design my own board...

Well I did a bit of research on board composition and came up with a fairly simple plan - buy a good but ugly board, sand it down, repaint it, and clear coat it with car finish. After a few days on Ebay I found an SIMS board that was in acceptable condition and bid on it, eventually winning it for just $26! It arrived via UPS yesterday so I packed it into my car and drove over to my friend's house. Together we sanded it down and repaired a few dings and then put a few coats of white on top. Once that dried I attacked it with sharpies for the new couple hours and left it overnight for him to clear coat in the morning. I got a text message that it was done at about 11:00 and finally got to see it this afternoon. I'm in love! Having my own board that I've done myself is a bit of a dream come true!

Check out the pics:

Snowboard Snowboard Snowboard Snowboard

(More pics in my flickr)

And the icing on the cake was that it came in the mail accompanied by another package: the tees! And let me tell you - they look BEAUTIFUL. Check the site Saturday, March 1st!

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