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Still waiting on the shirts...

Kind of sad, really, since it's been about 2 weeks since I sent the printers the design. I didn't hear back from them for a few days so I decided to call, which is when they informed me that there was an issue with one of the pantones, and that I needed to find a substitute. (I wonder what would've happeened if I hadn't called?) Anyways, that was almost a week ago now and I still don't have an update. I'm going to try calling again today, and I'm half expecting that some other major issue has come up and that it'll mean yet another setback.

In short, these guys are a lot cheaper than Customink, but nowhere near as efficient and/or professional. Based on these last couple of prints, the process takes about a month from start to finish with the new guys, compared to about a week and a half with Customink. :(

On a better note, late last week I got a call from an old client for some design work involving a Tshirt for his band. He had a pretty specific idea and style in mind and even provided some great reference images, so it made my job fairly straightforward. Which was good, because they need to be completely printed and ready in 2 weeks (from today), meaning we'll have to submit the design tonight. It was really great to get back to tee designing, though. I haven't done it in ages since for Linty Fresh I've just been printing older stuff I've had on the shelf. But it was really refreshing to work with a concept from scratch and put together the art (and in this case, text) to reach a completed design. I think one thing that made it especially interesting was the subject matter. The band wanted the design to center around one of their songs, "Harrison", based on the short story Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut. (Later adapted into a full-length movie)

To summarize, the story is set in a future where society has done everything possible to equalize people, to the extent of requiring the wearing of weights for those with superior physical strength and noisemaking earbuds (to induce headaches) for the exceedingly intelligent. The protagonist, Harrison, (who is above average in a multiple facets), embarks on a mission to usurp the system and "free" the people of their imposed handicaps.

Anyway, the song is more or less of an ode to this character and what he stands for, so the band wanted me to capture this and asked that the lyrics to the song be somehow incorporated. Here's the result:

The Darlings

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