Well tomorrow is the 1st...

Upcoming shows for LFIs it just me, or did that last month go by super quick? I can't believe it's already the last day of April. Sadly, that means my trip is speedily nearing its end. On May 21st I'll be flying to Shanghai for a last hurrah before jumping on a plane on the 25th bound for Atlanta.

Sigh. I'm gonna miss this place. Life is simple, people are awesome, and food is great. Hopefully everything will work out for me to come back soon. I'm shooting for August, actually. We'll see. The Chinese market is looking ripe for LF, but the language barrier is a scary thing when you start thinking about production.

In the meantime, this summer is going to be packed with shows. I've signed up for 4 already, and if I can squeeze a 5th I'll go for it. The first two are coming up in the next few weeks, so here's the lowdown: The The Indie Craft Experience is here in Atlanta and will be held on May 30th & 31st from 11am-7pm in Centennial Olympic Park. The second is Renegade Craft in Brooklyn, New York, and will be on June 6th & 7th, also from 11am-7pm, at McCarren Park. If you need more info check out the sites.

If you're in the area please stop by and say hi!

Oh, and while you're browsing my Flickr you can check out these vids that I shot last week:

Cool hidden alley of restaurants and hotels...
Weifang Kite Festival drumming ceremony
Me saying nonsensical stuff in Weifang

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