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Usually the poems for the designs each month are written pretty quickly. I have the concept in mind, get into a rhythm, and it sort of writes itself. But the poem for next month (May) took much longer. Here's a direct copy + paste of the text document I used (minus the final draft, of course)...

Greetings from Atlanta,
We're writing you to say:
We're looking for new visitors
So you should come and stay!

Sure the weather can be fickle
And the ......
But those are quirks and nothing more

And yes, we had an incident,
Our landmarks brawled it out
But it shows the stuff we're made of
And what we're all about!

Of course as much

So come and take our place

But every place is like that!

But overall we're happy here
It's green and lush and warm
And springtime is magnificent
If you like lightning storms

Not sure if you saw the news
About that monster brawl
Our landmarks turned to living beasts
And grew ten stories tall

Don't mind the propaganda
That you saw on CNN
Our landmarks are quite peaceful
From dawn to 10PM


(Of course, there are our landmarks,
Occasionally they brawl
La-la-la la la-la-la
"And grew ten stories tall")

We're so close to the ocean
Just a half-day's drive away!
But hey there's Coke and Turner Field
So you could watch a game)

Our city is a beauty,
Full of legacy and lore

Our beloved peach went crazy

The furnace of the south

We hope you enjoy your stay

Welcome to Atlanta,
Where landmarks are crazed
They fight every night
With the tourists away

No retreat on these streets
Till pits are rollin'

"It started with an insult"

"You're an relic," piped the peach
As he glared the chicken's way
The chicken rolled his eyes and said,

Pitted to the death...?

Said the peach back to the fowl
Said the chicken to Mr. Fuzz
I'll meet you down at Piedmont


When the fowl's last feather is plucked

Anyway, that's Atlanta,
We hope you're doing well.
And yes, it's hot as ever
As far as we can tell.

So pack all your belongings
And catch a flight today

Doesn't make a whole lot of sense now, but once you see the design it'll come together. It's interesting to look at these files after I'm done and try to retrace the brainstorming process. I was also careful to track the different stages of the design itself, so I'll post that once I release the tee.

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