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I just got a sneak peek at my new belts! They look fabulous! I'm super stoked about these. In total, I'll be getting in over 70 new belts this week. About 45 of those are of new designs (4 new designs in total), and the rest are restock of the old styles from last month. Crazy how well these have done - 18 so far. An hour or so ago I sold my last Woodie belt. So yeah, this restock isn't coming a moment too soon.

Meanwhile, in Florida, my Epidemic tees are getting printed tonight. Jimmy should be sending me a photo proof of the first one off the belt. Hopefully the colors (all 6! geez) will look ok and we can get the rest done tonight or tomorrow. He's said all along that they should get here in plenty of time, but I'm getting nervous. April 1st is just around the bend! At least the UPC one will be quick enough.

Oh, and ever since the last print I've been getting one-offs of each design for myself. They'll be totally unique and 1 of a kind. I'm getting epidemic as one-color on AA's stripe tee:

Also, LF postcards are on the way, so I'll get those hopefully tomorrow. Bags should be coming soon too (these are for the show only). So yeh, 72 belts, 150 tees, 250 postcards, and 250 printed bags in the next week... Running out of space here...

I talked to the boss about my tentative plans to leave in '09. I explained that it wasn't a guarantee but since I've been mentioning this plan to people, I figured he'd hear it one way or another and I'd rather it come directly from me. He agreed that C2i wasn't a career path for anyone, but thanked me for being a part of the team thus far. It's been a great job, really, there's just better stuff on the horizon. With that extra time (25 hours a week) dedicated to coming up with new designs and ideas and networking with printers and manufacturers, I could really increase efficiency. It's tough working the printer at C2i all day and then coming home and running around processing orders and making phone calls to make sure things are up to snuff on the production end of LF...

'09, baby...

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