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I think I mentioned a couple months ago that one of my goals for 2008 was to get Linty Fresh to a point where I could quit my day job. It seemed like a pretty lofty and unreasonable goal at the time, but it looks like it may not be so unattainable after all! This month has been a landmark in LF history, already bringing in more sales than any other month in its history, which is super exciting for me. For the first time I'm getting a steady flow of sales every day, and that consistency is key in determining whether or not I can live off this.

So I just gotta say: thank you guys! The support you've shown in your input, your blogging, and your purchases is just wonderful! When I started LF a couple years ago it was my dream to make it my living, but I never thought things would progress so smoothly and with such awesome experiences and people along the way!

So that means more new stuff more often! April 1st is going to be a big day for the site, so be sure to check it as soon as the month rolls over. Here's the lineup:

For starters, I'll be releasing two tshirts: the first is a reprint of UPC, but I've made a few adjustments - the design is going to be 25% larger (12 inches wide) and I'm also printing a little running zebra on the back hip. Here's what it'll look like!

The new UPC

The second tee, which I've named "Epidemic", is based on the drawings I recently did for my snowboard. It'll be white as well:


You can't tell too well from the pic, but this print is a whopping 6 colors! It'll be the first time ever and I'm super stoked about getting them in!

Apart from tees, April 1st will also bring the release of 4 new belts! I've also reordered all the ones from the first series since they're selling fast. So yeah, be sure to check in on the first of the new month to get your hands on all these goodies!

And again, thanks. Thanks so much. :D

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