Welcome to the latest from Linty Fresh - the LF blog! Why?

Because some things just fit best in a blog. There's always something happening relating to the site, but I hate to clutter the front page with it. On the other hand, the articles section seems too formal and its format doesn't work for what I'm after. (As a matter of fact, that thing's gone now.) So for the time being, this blog will serve my needs perfectly, providing behind-the-scenes info regarding Linty Fresh including the progression of shirt designs and other projects, write-ups on the adventures behind product shoots, and other interesting little factoids. Best of all, the blog will allow you guys to give me feedback about all this stuff!

Anyhow, welcome and enjoy!

-Eric Terry,
LF owner/manager/designer/shipping director/bladda blah

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At 7:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey your first post was on my birthday!


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