So I'm sure there's a lot of skeptics thinking that this blog will fade into oblivion just as various features of Linty Fresh have, but I'm telling you, this thing is gonna be current. Like, almost clairvoyant current. I mean, you're going to be so much cooler having read this blog. You will know what's up before it's even up. Like, most websites run on html, right, and that stands for hypertext markup language (I think), but with this blog, it'll stand for "has tricked-out my life" because it really will. So you want some proof, right?

Well, put on your safety helmet and buckle up, because you're about to do some crazy head-whipping happy dances... Ready?

New shirts are coming in next week Wednesday, December 13th! Oh, and the awesome doesn't end there, boys and girls, because for the first time ever I'm also printing on American Apparel Girlie Tees and HOODIES! Woah there now! Your skull guts can't take that kind of jostling!

So yeah. But I'm not releasing them in the store until Friday the 15th because I need to get the photoshoot done for the shirts first. And those photos involve a safari. In Atlanta. In December. And they have, among other freezing mammals, a Liger. Woah, they are real.

But what, exactly, would I need to go to a safari for in order to get a product shot? Well go do some beard-stroking over that one, because my lips are sealed.


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At 11:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, it's your favorite pest.WEll, the picture speaks for itself now doesn't it! but as for the rest, pretty good. (man i hope you don't get a big head from that comment) Anyways, it's about time you got some hoodies and girl t's so keep me posted. latta

At 12:13 AM, Blogger Eric T. said...

Not sure who my favorite pest is, actually... I can think of at least 4, wait, no, 12 people it could be.


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